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I remember you.
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Alice In Wonderland by goddess-of-flight Alice In Wonderland :icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 3 1 Queen of Hearts Invitation by goddess-of-flight Queen of Hearts Invitation :icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 2 0
For The River
"Ventus, you're a respectable artist, why is it that you can't seem to find a girl?"
If only they know...
"Happy birthday, Ven! Whoa, you're now a talented musician of 24 and yet to find a girlfriend, eh brother?"
If only...
"Ven... Roxas and I are getting married. Won't you be our musician and best man in the wedding?"
If only... she knows.
Ven stared at the couple in white. They looked dashing and his brother's face shone as he guided his newly-wedded bride towards the car. He was happy for his brother, he truly was but he couldn't help a twinge of jealousy clouding his brain. Ven wasn't a vengeful boy and has a kid, he learned to put everyone's needs first before his.
Which was why this happened.
Naminé fell in love with Ven in his senior year. She was a year younger than him and far wiser. He was, and always has been, a talented boy with fingers that could make magic with any instrument he touched. It was an ability passed o
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 9 10
Just Be Friends by goddess-of-flight Just Be Friends :icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 0 5
AU: Together
"Hello, Naminé,"
Oh no. It's that voice again. I really can't stand him...
"We meet again,"
That sweet, seductive voice... Why am I the only one affected by his voice? The others seem fine. In fact, they don't look like they're in the verge of fainting when talking to him. Why me?
I glance up from the studio piece I was working and smiled at the man. His name is Ventus, by the way, and he's Roxas's, my childhood friend, older brother and for some reason, ever since high school actually, I've been lusting over him. Kairi said he isn't all that good anyway but I can't help falling for him. He's so sweet!
"Hi, Ven..." I hope my voice didn't shake. I'm so worried.
"What are you working on this time?"
"Oh... A piece. It's a request from a new customer. He wanted a girl staring out into the ocean..."
Ven simply smiled kindly and walked to wear I was sitting before pulling a chair. He sat beside me and looked at my painting. He squinted a little before taking out a pair of glasses
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 7 2
It Was Worth It In The End
You hear his voice everywhere, it's driving you crazy. His sweet rough voice that's sends chills through your body. His face appears, a distant reflection.
Blue eyes, blonde unruly hair.
You stare at the image before you and you wonder how this could possibly be reality. It couldn't be real, it just couldn't because the one you love, the Roxas you adore... well, he's with Sora now.
You've both returned to the original copy and yet, amongst all these twisted memory in Sora's mind, you can't seem to find him anywhere. Your eyes stare around the dark room once more, willing the image of your beloved to appear somehow.
It's not meant to be, you know it's not but you wish you could just hold him, one more time. To just see his face is enough for you.
A burst of light appeared in the room and you were momentarily stunned by the light.
You couldn't believe your eyes.
"Hey, Xion, missed me?"
There in the room with you, is your boy wonder.
His blonde hair still stuck in
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 1 0
AU: Final Farewell
"I'm leaving for college,"
Naminé woke up with a chill through her spine. She knew this day was coming but she never wanted to admit it. Most of her friends have left for college already and it seems unfair that she's the only one left. She wanted to take art but unfortunately, the University she wants requires her to wait for another half a year.
Riku is leaving for college in two days time and she didn't know what to say. Riku has been her best friend and she never knew that it would come to the day where she might have to say goodbye to him. Obviously not forever but 4 years is long enough. She called Riku up for a date tonight. Nothing extravagant, just a little dinner and a movie that would somehow, hopefully, change his mind. But Naminé knew his mind is set and there is nothing in this world that could change it. He's going to Medical school in Traverse Town, a far away place from the lovely Destiny Islands.
The door bell rang and Naminé sighed. She looked b
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 4 1
AU: I loved you FIRST
Roxas looked around from his hiding spot. That's weird. Weren't they playing Hide-and-Seek? Sure they were teenagers, but it wasn't that bad to play Hide-and-Seek once in a while. Naminé was supposed to find him but it's been half an hour and she should've found him by now.
Roxas waited for another minute before standing up, a bit upset, and made his way to the front of his house, where he lived with his brother Ven.
Roxas is now 14 and Ven, 5 years older than him. Naminé is Roxas's friend since Kindergarten and they've been together ever since. Not long after, Roxas developed a crush on Naminé and wanted her to be with him but he knew Naminé was too good for him and never bothered to confess his feelings.
Roxas grumbled along as he made his way to his porch. He wondered where Naminé was and if she did forget about him, which she often does when she sees something pretty and decides to draw it, Roxas would be mad at her.
But just as he was about to round the
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 4 3
AU: One and Only
The first time I saw him, he was just sitting there, doing nothing in particular, just lazing about in the park and looking up to the sky. I'm a pretty shy girl, although I'm not necessarily afraid to raise my opinion, but to sit so close with perfection staring at me seems to drive my voice away.
That's what his friends call him and that's the name I hear so often in the hallways in school. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know I even exist. My name isn't something you hear very often. In fact, the only time anyone would hear my name was probably through my sister's mouth but even then, not a lot pay attention to plain old Naminé. They prefer Kairi, my redheaded sister. She's bright and bubbly and probably has the best boyfriend anyone could ever hope for. Sora and Kairi have been head over heels with each other since the beginning of time (they were childhood friends, you see). So it's no wonder they're so close with each other.
Once. Only once have Riku seen me.
It was at this
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 3 3
KH AU: Changed
"Stay with me tonight,"
Hello, everyone. My name is Naminé, but this isn't a story about me. This is a story about my Somebody, Kairi. Sora's been a real jerk lately but Kairi doesn't know that it was for her own good. Sora's heart… Well… Let's back track for a minute. Remember when Sora turned into a Heartless? Remember how Kairi hugged him awake from that trance? Yes, surely you do. You may say that Sora has recovered from the Darkness since when he lost his heart, Roxas appears but unfortunately, future events have caused this little scar to reopen.
No one knew about it until it was too late and there wasn't anyone around to help him. Except our dear young lady of course. But if she were to refuse… Well, Sora is done for. Fortunately, we know about stories and their endings. There is always a happy ending. This one included, it might not be the ending everyone likes to hear but I can assure you that this story would sound strange if it didn't end the way it di
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 0 0
AU: Sleep
A/N: In which bad words will be changed to something less vulgar (as always) and in which Kanaya and Rose isn't as intellectual as they are. Because the author is not really keen on big words.
--grimAuxiliatrix began pestering carcinoGeneticist--
GA: Go To Sleep Karkat
GA: Karkat
--carcinoGeneticist ceased pestering grimAuxiliatrix--

Kanaya sighed. She knew it would be useless to ask that certain angry troll to sleep but she was genuinely worried. Karkat, though he doesn't think so, is her important moirail and as his moirail, it was her job to take care of him, sometimes, whether he likes it or not. Kanaya was tired of asking Karkat to sleep ever since he encountered that certain boy named... John.
Sure, she had a fair share of talk with a very intelligent human female but she was not as obsessed as Karkat. Alright, she admits, she was a teensy bit obs
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 7 4
AU: Two Worlds Entwined
"Kairi? I think we're in trouble..."
"Hey! Wake up!"
A voice in her mind rose Kairi from her sleep. She looked around.
That's strange. Destiny Island look so different... and very modern. There was a gigantic TV screen on top of her and there were a lot of guys with strange stiff suits walking around the area. The people seem to pass her by without giving her much thought. The girls were wearing almost to nothing, with their mini skirts and low cut shirts. Kairi was amazed at the number of people suddenly reappearing. Was she in the future?
"Kairi! We have to focus here!"
Kairi's imagination snapped and she turned around to see Sora. His face looked worried as he scanned the crowd. She realized that his hand was holding her shoulder as she was sitting down the street. There weren't many cars around and people didn't bother to look at them and just merely walked away. Again, this is all very strange.
"Sora, where ARE we?" she asked, her voice panicking.
"I'm not sure
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 10 5
Squiddle Rose by goddess-of-flight Squiddle Rose :icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 0 0
A Pokemon Poem
As we venture across the region
Meeting trainers and others alike
Through different cities and places
With just a single bike
Helping friends in danger
From an evil organization
We triumphed in victory
Saving the entire region
Unlocking new areas
While maintaining our strong bond
Just to kill my boredom
With my awesome Pokemon
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 0 0
Be Careful!
Ventus stared up to the blazing heat from the sun. It is awfully hot today and he could barely breathe.
Fuu must be cooped up somewhere in her room again. he thought.
Blue hair and mysterious eyes.
Ven just can't help but blush every time he sees or remembers her. She's a wonderful person, well, only he thinks so. Fuu is a rather quiet girl. She hides her face with her bangs and she usually speaks not more than one word or two. She is capable of speaking but she just doesn't want to. No, she's not quiet at all. In fact, she's rather fierce. She was taught in every single martial arts in the world and could defend herself with only a spoon in hand. Do not laugh. This girl is extremely dangerous.
The drawback of her dangerousness is, well, Ven. You see, this girl has developed feelings towards Ven for quite sometime, him being one of the only friends she has was one of them. Unfortunately, Ven never did understand the meaning of 'love' and never really understood what she wan
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 4 10
Starlit Sky
"Fuu?" came a silent voice. It sounded broken, sad.
Fuu looked up from the book she was reading to find a certain blonde haired boy peeking from behind the door of her room.
'...' She doesn't say a word. She didn't need to. Ven will tell her what's wrong. It's probably about a girl. Like always.
'Can I come in?'
Fuu stared at him for a while before shifting her gaze to the bed and looked at Ven again. Ven understood that the girl approves and he came in silently, head hung, and sat down beside Fuu. He heard her sigh and watched as she took her reading glasses off and stand up to put the book in her enormous bookshelf.
'Girl?' was her only question. It didn't sound like a question but Ven knew her better than anyone. He nodded and realized that Fuu was still busy shifting books in her bookshelf so he murmured a soft 'Yeah.'
There was a long silence and Fuu finally finished re-arranging her books. She sat next to Ven once more and placed her head on his shoulder. It was always like this.
:icongoddess-of-flight:goddess-of-flight 8 15
The things I write are the art I can't draw. Thanks for coming!


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I don't fave just because it looks good, oh no, I'm not that type of person. I'm the type of girl who sees effort, if you do well in your art, I'll fave it even if there are mistakes in them. I love all my favourites :)



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